Cool designer home style: Headsprung!

One of our most popular brands is Headsprung! ‘Live life beautifully’ is their strap line and they have produced a wonderful range of modern home accessories. I am sure their Ribbon and Scribble coat racks will become design classics.

Founded by design engineer Hemal Patel, HeadSprung! is a London-based practice specialising in the design and manufacture of contemporary home accessories, furniture and lighting. Believing that good design is a universal right, that it should neither discriminate nor be the privilege of just the affluent, Hemal setup the company as a vehicle to create products that combined style, beauty and functionality at accessible prices.

Like a modern day William Morris his mission is to make good design more visible and accessible to the masses.

The Ribbon Coat Rack was one of their early pieces: ‘When we first sat down to design the Ribbon coat rack, our objective was to create an innovative coat rack that was fun and beautiful, yet also functional; a coat rack that our customers would delight in and be proud to display in their homes. Playing on these themes of practicality and aesthetics we concluded that our coat rack should embody the idea of functional art, that is to say artistic objects designed to serve a useful function, as well as look good. We worked through many concepts to create a coat rack that fulfilled these objectives, but our “eureka” moment finally came when we hit upon the idea of making the coat rack look like a ribbon blowing in the wind’.


Headsprung! – Ribbon Coat Rack

Our customers have enjoyed this piece what do you think?

In designing the Scribble Coat Rack they ‘played around with a number of different design concepts but finally found inspiration in a scribble mark drawn on a piece of paper. After further research and development we expanded the concept to encompass Japanese calligraphy, renowned for it’s beauty and steep cultural heritage (which resonated deeply with us)’.

Scribble Coat Rack

Headsprung! Scribble Coat Rack

The Scribble has been one of our most popular lines – reasonably priced and oh so stylish.

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